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Thread: RVA July 4th OC breakfast

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    RVA July 4th OC breakfast

    Greater Richmond OC breakfast Sat. 7/4, 9:30 A.M.

    Golden Corral
    1 S Providence Rd ..........just off Midlothian
    Richmond, VA 23236
    (804) 320-5078

    From steak to special order omelets+ hot cinnamon buns - lets eat!
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    was just Grapeshot, Logan and myself at breakfast this morning.

    If you weren't there I think you were talked about, it was hard to tell (sorry Grape, couldn't resist). I did finally find out why Grape sits in his truck for so long before leaving the parking lot but am sworn to secrecy (bag of gummy bears and I'll tell you; not worms, Logan wants payment in bears).
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