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Thread: Near East Side of St. Paul

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    Near East Side of St. Paul

    Brief walk to a good dinner on the near east side of St. Paul (7th and Arcade) while OC'ing today. A few stares but no problems.

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    Wow, it's been a while since I've been over in my old stomping grounds on the East Side but I think that I know the diner if it's the one that is on the south side of W7th just a few doors west of Arcade? We used to go there for breakfast on Sunday mornings quite often. Quite tasty, large portions and very fair prices. Do you think that is that the same place/location? There also used to be a Clark's Submarine Sandwich joint on that corner but it was on the NE corner--man they put Subway and Jimmy Johns to shame but for whatever reason, that small chain's been gone for a long long time.

    First post under my belt. Not much more there yet. I am just beginning the process of getting a carry permit in Minnesota. I've spent time around mainly long guns but I am looking forward to getting all of my ducks in a row to get the whole buying/training/certified/application process to hopefully go smoothly. I'm really hoping that I am able to convince my wife that it is not only a good idea for me but for her too. But maybe that'll come after she sees how the process works out for me.

    Anyway, looking forward to this MN forum and some of the others too. Such a wealth of information here. I am very glad that my search brought me to this site!

    Best wishes.

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