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Thread: #5 ; Some Lawmakers Believe Public Safety is More Important Than the Constitution

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    #5 ; Some Lawmakers Believe Public Safety is More Important Than the Constitution

    Our Top Five Takeaways From Today's Hearings on Encryption
    I’ve heard my colleagues, with all due respect, talking about attacks on privacy and our constitutional rights et cetera, et cetera, but it seems to me that our first obligation is the protection of our citizenry against attack, which you agree is growing.

    -Senator John McCain
    "Most elected representatives who support undermining encryption (along with other intrusive law enforcement measures like mass surveillance and unregulated use of surveillance technology) make arguments about striking a balance between civil liberties and safety. This hearing was no exception.

    But even while lawmakers talk about striking a balance, they cite endless tirades of anecdotes about ISIS and Al Qaeda to support their need for whatever tool they want to adopt or keep, making it clear that in the current environment, they think we should reassess our ideas. Senator McCain was far more honest about where he stands than most elected representatives—instead of implying that safety is more important than the Constitution, he actually said it.

    The reason lawmakers don't generally say that is probably because Congress takes an oath to uphold the constitution—including the rights that Senator McCain thought were important enough to warrant only an "et cetera, et cetera."

    Of course, Senator McCain's statement is a red herring. As we explain below, we have no real evidence about how much of a problem encryption really is—but we DO know breaking it at the government's request is a serious threat not only to privacy, but to the safety of the Internet. "

    4. The Government Wants Companies To Hold the Keys—But The Companies Don't Want To
    3. Proponents of Weakening Encryption Couldn’t Address the Availability of Open-Source or non-U.S. Encryption Tools
    2. There’s No Hard Evidence That Law Enforcement is Actually “Going Dark”
    1. Director Comey Wants the Impossible From Technologists
    [ ... ]
    "It's possible the same people who invented the cryptography our technology relies on are wrong. And it's also possible that the standard model of physics is wrong and a different genius will invent a warp drive tomorrow, too. But we’re not going to hold our breath or stake our security on such a pipe dream."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    Thread: #5 ; Some Lawmakers Believe Public Safety is More Important Than the Constitution
    If so then why havn't they resigned?
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