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Thread: Opea carry wit IWB holster

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    Opea carry with IWB holster

    IS it considered open carry by means of legality if i carry IWB but the grips of the gun are in open plain view i.e over my shirt.
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    Generally if it can be recognized as a gun (in plain view) it is OC.

    Still your question is state specific, so moving it to the Colorado sub-forum.
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    If your asking the question then you must have some doubts about the legal status.

    The ultimate decision on if it is open or concealed would be up to a jury.

    What we think here really doesn't matter.
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    I think the definitions differ from state to state. In Oklahoma, that would be considered unconcealed, which is legal. Oklahoma law actually says nothing on open carry. Only concealed or unconcealed.

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