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Thread: The 100 most influential pro gun rights people in America

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    The 100 most influential pro gun rights people in America

    OK, let me take care of some administrative business first. Whoopie Goldberg? Really? Are you serious? This just proves that joining a group does not mean you support the group.

    OK, now to the list:

    There's always going to be some "discussion" about the order of the rankings and the reasons for being ranked (see above). But this provides an opportunity for an internet slugfest of epic proportions.

    Let your comments be written and your opinions heard.

    stay safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skidmark View Post
    Let your comments be written and your opinions heard.
    I guess it boils down to what the list is really all about. Is it the most influential people who happen to be pro-gun, or is it supposed to be those who are most influential in advancing RKBA? With LaPierre and Pratt heading the list, it starts out looking like it might actually be attempting to list the most influential pro-RKBA persons who (are perceived as) work(ing) for greater legal respect for RKBA. But as we move down the list, it reads a lot more like influential people who happen to own guns.

    To wit: Much as I may not like the thought, I have to concede that Whoopi--like a lot of other babbling daytime talk show heads--probably has a lot of social influence in this nation. (And that observation probably explains a lot of what is wrong in the nation.)

    There are several other names on the list I have to question whether they are really "pro-gun" (ie pro-RKBA) or not. The king always enjoys doing a little shooting, eating fresh game, and having control of power. Whether or not the peasants should be owning guns might be a very different story. Celebs (including newsmen) liking to hunt or shoot is very different than such persons supporting the right for commoners to do likewise.

    There are certainly those celebs who support RKBA and to the extent that Whoopi's public announcement of her membership in the NRA sways any shallow opinions our way, great.

    But obviously some very important names off the list including Heller, McDonald, Gary Marbut in Montana, Clark Aposhian and & Scott Engen here in Utah, the folks at AZCDL, and probably you, skidmark and our host here (and others at VCDL) have actually done more to advance RKBA than many of those on the list. And let us not forget H.L. Richardson, author of "Confrontation Politics" which is at least the inspiration if not the manual for many of the State level, grass roots RKBA organizations that have had such success the last 15 years or so. In fact, listing the lobbyists or head of the grassroots State level pro-RKBA organization for each decent State would have consumed 25 or so spots with those who have actually been winning the legislative battles for RKBA.

    An interesting read. But highly subjective.


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