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Thread: Court Rules Walmart Shareholders Cannot Infringe on Customersís 2nd Amendment Rights

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    Exclamation Court Rules Walmart Shareholders Cannot Infringe on Customersís 2nd Amendment Rights

    After less than a year under appeal, the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit released its opinion in Trinity Wall Street v. Walmart Stores, Inc., explaining that Walmart cannot be forced to allow shareholders to infringe on customersís 2nd Amendment rights. The path to this judgement began in April 2014, when NYCís Trinity Church sued Walmart to force the retailer to allow shareholders ďto vote on the Ďsale of high capacity gunsíĖi.e., guns which take Ďhigh capacityí magazinesĖas well as Ďother potentially offensive products.'Ē
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    United States Third Circuit

    Trinity Wall Street v. WalMart Stores Inc.
    Decided: July 6, 2015
    Except for the pervasive and continual misuse of the term 'Assault Rifle' when in fact no actual assault rifles were present or part the debate... it was a decent read.

    Would have been funny if the Judges response was short and sweet... "After review of Wal Mart sales history, Wal Mart does not, nor has ever, sold any Assault Rifle as defined by (law). Plaintiffs argument that Wal Mart should be forced to stop selling something it is not selling is moot. Case Dismissed."
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    So instead of just selling their shares they sue to have their minority position made law.......glad they lost.
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