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Thread: military centers attacked in chattanooga Tn,

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    military centers attacked in chattanooga Tn,

    As tragic as it is. The picture of windows and doors with bullet holes all around a no gun signs is a picture of a thousand words ...the shooting didn't happen in a gun free zone ,it happened to a gun free zone, kind of a new reality that shooters of gun free zones don't really have to be in the zone and still get at you.
    here is a link that has been updated that includes the police officer, I m sure that better links will be available as the story develops ...
    Our ancesters, veterens, and people of the service gave and are giving their time and sacrifice to preserve and defend our rights . it''s up to us the people to show appreciation by not sacrificing but investing time to exercise and preserve those rights.......the bushwacker...

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    Thru Death's Door in Wisconsin
    I am responsible for my writing, not your understanding of it.

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