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Thread: Springfield OC Outside Military Recruitment Centers

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    Springfield OC Outside Military Recruitment Centers

    Hey guys, long time no see! Getting my certs and education for law enforcement/security has taken up most of my time the past couple years, idk if anyone will remember me. I probably ticked you off with teenage stupidity if you do.

    I'm providing an outlet for people to work together and organize to show support for our troops, Here's the Facebook link to the event page, and for those of you without a Facebook, here's the contents of that event page. I know this isn't really a traditional open carry or 2A event, but since open carry is involved I wanted to make sure I was only inviting people who are responsible, professional, and know what they're doing, which most of you ladies and gentlemen are.

    The recent attack on US military recruitment centers in Chattanooga is a tragedy that impacts us all. In this time of grief and fear it is important that we remind our troops that we support them and we care about their safety.

    Armed citizens standing outside recruitment centers throughout the US has been met with widespread approval and appreciation, and I'd like to see us do something similar here in Springfield.

    Although open carry is involved, open carry rights are not the subject of this event. Showing the military that we stand with them in this time of grief is, and expressing our belief that military members should be armed at recruitment centers is.

    Like people are doing in other cities, I'd like armed citizens to stand outside the military recruitment offices here in Springfield, MO. Bring American flags!

    This is something that's open to the public and anyone can participate in, but I wanted to make some suggestions to keep things organized and maintain a positive public image.

    You are encouraged to open carry in a responsible, hands-off-your-gun manner. Holstered handguns, slung long guns pointed in a safe direction and with your hands off it. Act professional and responsible, don't cuss like a sailor or dress like a slob.Please wear clothes that look professional and respectful, camouflage is discouraged. Clothing/patches that say "Security" is acceptable. Patriotic shirts and military symbols are another great way to show our support.

    Unlike an open carry event, verbal interaction with the public is likely to be minimal, although people may stop to thank us as seems to happen where others are doing this.

    This event doesn't have a specific time or date, and I hope to see people working together in the comments on this event to coordinate the times and locations people will be there. I expect to see us out there throughout the week.

    The Springfield Police Department has been notified of this activity so they know we are out there and what we're doing.

    If any media happens to show up, please make sure you've planned ahead who is going to make statements to them and what you're going to say. Simply say that we are heartbroken by the attack and that we want to show the troops we care about their safety. Mention we are praying for the families of those lost. Stay off of political bandwagons and keep your statements short to avoid ad-libbing and saying something that makes you sound dumb.

    If you live somewhere other than Springfield that has recruiting centers feel free to copy some of this information and edit it to create your own event.

    Here's the locations of the Springfield Recruiting offices.
    I personally recommend the US Army/Air Force Center at Kansas and Kearney, the US Navy Center on Battlefield, and the US Marine Corps Center on Kimbrough.
    Again, please coordinate with others on here, I'd like to see at least two people at a time at these centers.

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    Examples of others doing this for reference:

    Update: Today (7/20/15) went great! I showed up with two friends and the recruiters gave us candy and let us use their bathroom (unarmed of course). A lot of folks waved, several thanked us, and one family bought us cold drinks at the sub shop next door! As I was about to leave an older gentlemen wearing two sidearms approached and said he'd had the same idea! He took over guard duty after I gave him my contact info. I'm excited to see how many more great people we meet this week!
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