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Thread: Underfolding rifle can you register it as a pistol?

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    Underfolding rifle can you register it as a pistol?

    Hey guys i have a question, is an underfolding ak47 or one with a sidefolding stock can you still register them as a pistol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas3132 View Post
    Hey guys i have a question, is an underfolding ak47 or one with a sidefolding stock can you still register them as a pistol?
    Havent talked about this for a long time!

    The answer is Very Folded Length specific!

    In the old days I could have visited Michigan with my Wa state CPL and taken my
    AK side folder Loaded in my car, even if I had never actually Folded it!
    It was a Michigan Pistol!!!
    And it was not/could not, be registered in Michigan as a pistol, cause Im not a resident.

    Law got changed,, now mine is too long,, by about an inch...

    I do believe, but Im not sure, that under the new law,,, an Underfolder,
    is shorter enough the it Does qualify as a Michigan Pistol..
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    Thanks to anti gun AG Frank Kelly, any long gun that folds under 26" is a sbr by state law, even though with a 16" barrel and an unfolded length of over 26" federal law disagrees.

    The Michigan dumb ass pistol (midap) days are over, and the federal asinine pistol (fap) glory days are over as well with the garbage atf letter about wrist braces. So, at this time, a legit sbr is the closest thing to what you want.
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    There are some underfold AKs that are considered pistols in Michigan and rifles under federal law.
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