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Thread: Restoring safety in airliner cockpits. Obama admin. continues to resist andto defund.

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    Restoring safety in airliner cockpits. Obama admin continues to resist and to defund.

    Large numbers of airline pilots have volunteered to be trained, deputized as federal law enforcement officers (known as Federal Flight Deck Officers or FFDOs) and armed with firearms to defend their passengers and our country. Despite dire predictions from a few, armed pilots have amassed a record of safety that is the envy of Federal Law Enforcement while providing a crucial layer of deterrence and protection for the traveling public.

    But despite the bipartisan support, the exemplary safety record, the obviously effective deterrent and the extremely low costs (amounting to a few dollars per flight), the Obama administration continues to attempt to defund this outstanding example of public/private cooperation and has set up road blocks that discourage the highest possible level of participation from airline pilots. Here are some examples.
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