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Thread: 13 U.S. Senators to Bass Pro: Change gun policy

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    13 U.S. Senators to Bass Pro: Change gun policy

    Our illustrious Senator, Tim Kaine, is one of these losers. No surprise there, I guess. But wouldn't their time be better spent fixing the agency that is not completing the background checks on time?
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    No surprises in that group of senators, nor in their misreading the situation.
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    It was funny they brought up Missouri's McCaskill. Did they see that there are 5 Bass Pro shops in our state? Are they aware how fast Cabelas will fill the void?

    Do they believe this would have no repercussions on her career? Missouri is a very divided state. Both Republican and Democratic politicians know how to pander to their base without too much riling up of the other side.

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