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Thread: Conversation with Cook Co. Illinois family

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    Conversation with Cook Co. Illinois family

    Met them on the trail walking their dog, a Golden Doodle. Was back at ice cream shoppe getting some bottled water and the Dad asked me about my dog, and also open carry. Dad, wife, son , daughter and Mom in law. Said he was from Cook Co, worked in Chicago. Had firearm in his trunk and wondered about open carry, and/or his ability to conceal in WI.

    Said he needs to check for himself on actual law, BUT I thought Wi honored Illinois permit, and he did NOT need to be a WI resident to OC. No interest in OC himself, but asked a lot of questions. Very nice family, son was major disappointed when told had to be 18 to OC, only 17. Grandma was asking lots of questions. Interested, not anti. We were right outside of front door as I had given someone money to buy water, no dogs inside. About 100 people in line, most looking at dogs, I don't think many saw a firearm.

    I generally will stand and talk/answer questions when asked or approached, but I'm on a mission to get my 5 miles and then water afterwards for myself and dog. My dog is hit or miss about other dogs, I think this one had her confused as she sat pretty nicely, no barking or jumping. I'm off leash heel 100 percent of the time now unless I see another dog. Don't quite trust her yet.

    Hopefully, I didn't go too far off topic in my own post!

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    As far as I understand, anyone who is not a felon or has other legal issues with a record can OC in WI.

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