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Thread: Reference Guide

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    Reference Guide

    Just curious if anyone keeps with them a quick reference guide that has statutes and such related to OC just in case the time comes you need to pull it out and do some educating. If anyone does have one and wouldn't mind sharing it i would appreciate it.

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    Go to the first stickied thread at the top of this subforum, titled "North Carolina Flyer"

    There is also this one...
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    The NC Flyer (from the sticky) is a good one; it's what I have on me when I OC. I have given out about a dozen over the past few years. For the most part, people don't say anything, at least not in my neck of the woods. Those that have inquired have been transplants from Kalifornia, New York, or Florida.

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    clear references besides made up ones...



    do not rely on handgun carry, or hearsay information from nice LEs, or an opencarry pamphlet, blah, your own research as it is your tender arse on the line if you run afoul of the nice LEs and have to defend yourself in a judicial event...

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