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Thread: Drone Munition: New Snake River Shooting Products lineto down drones, protect privacy

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    Drone Munition: New Snake River Shooting Products lineto down drones, protect privacy

    "Snake River Shooting Products has announced that itís now shipping Drone Munition shot shell based defense rounds, this ammo manufacturer is basically doing a marketing push following the story of a man shooting down a drone hovering over his house that gained quite a bit of steam both online and on TV. It says that these 12 gauge 3″ shot shell rounds are ďaimed at defending against drone-based privacy concerns and terror!Ē
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    Shucks..I thought it was about actual drone ammo ... ammo to be used by drones

    ^^ like this drone (skip to 2:19 if you want to skip that yap yap yap)

    The drone - antidrone war has begun ! Long live the Empire !
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    I particularly liked the ammoland bantering the comments section. "Drone" owner/operators, the next protected class it seems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OC for ME View Post
    I particularly liked the ammoland bantering.....................
    What a bunch of maroons. They do not understand the concept of "humor". Do they really think that this is being marketed to shoot down drones? Do they also believe the Zombie rounds are being used on Zombies? Buncha gorram idiots, not worth leaving a comment in that mess.
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