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Thread: And this from Americans for (Ir)Responsible Solutions.

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    Talking And this from Americans for (Ir)Responsible Solutions.

    Warning! the math in this propaganda piece requires blinders/duct tape.

    >>Sixty-six percent of Americans for Responsible Solutions supporters believe our background check laws are the single biggest impediment to making our communities safer from gun violence. 

    Forty percent believe state ballot initiatives are the best way to change our gun laws, and twenty-eight percent believe working with Congress should be the top priority. 

    Those are just some of the results from the survey of ARS' supporters we conducted over the last several days. And the good news is, we'll have the chance to fight and win on all of these fronts between now and next November. <<

    It's no wonder they claim a crowd of 50 people is 500. I have to wonder if Gabby is the only one with dain bramage... 66+40+28=134% ??? 

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    I think you misunderstand, the test group asks all 3 questions, so therefore the supporters can support multiple choices, leading to varying percentages that when combined can equal over 100 due to the multiple answers from one individual.

    of course to properly extrapolate this would pretty much be 134, out of a total of 300.

    but even then it is skewed since they only test grouped their own supporters, rather then random people of a significant test group.

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