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Thread: RKBA applies to illegal aliens, too.

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    RKBA applies to illegal aliens, too.

    There is a post in the Wisconsin sub forum on this subject. That thread can be seen here:

    State Representative Diane St. Onge has prefiled a bill that will add those people who are in the US "illegally or unlawfully" to the list of people who are prohibited from owning a firearm in Ky. The bill would also add those who have been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces. A summary of the bill can be seen here:
    If you want to read all of it, click the bill number (BR 214) in the upper left hand corner.
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    Any freeman has his natural right to self defense and RKBA. Not a hard concept to understand. If you are free, you can possess, own, carry a gun...all without permission slips. When you accept this life gets both easier and harder at the same time.

    The too dangerous? These people are behind bars and in mental wards or not here at all.

    Rep. Onge is not too friendly to Americans apparently.

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