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Thread: Jeb taps voter-tossed Eric Cantor for campaign

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    Jeb taps voter-tossed Eric Cantor for campaign

    "Eric Cantor, the former House majority leader who was tossed from Congress by voters in 2014 who perceived him as making too many concessions to Democrats, has not only come forward to endorse Jeb Bush for president Ė but heís also going to be leading up the former Florida governorís campaign efforts in Virginia."

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    career politicians should all be put on a big cruise ship, then have it sailed out into the middle of the Atlantic, take the crew off with all lifeboats and torpedo the ship.
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    Jeb actually thinks he has a chance still?

    Only if he uses the Bush family cheating system.

    If somehow it comes down to Jeb vs Hillary, the one who wins will be the one who cheats the system the best, and breaks the most laws, and the voters still have no say on anything.

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