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Thread: May 5 - paper work submitted

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    May 5 - paper work submitted

    I put my paper work and finger prints may 5 2015
    In westchester county.

    I'm still waiting

    QUOTE=unarmed in westchester;802451]Hi all! My name is Mike and i have just registered as a member of this site. I read about it recently in a newspaper article. I checked it out and i am hooked! I find this site to be very informative and interesting.

    I have read other members posts about New York State gun laws, which really get my attention. I have wanted to apply for a pistol license for quite some time, but never got around to it until a few months ago. I got my application from the County, filled it out and got all of my references. I then made my appointment to submit my paperwork (got an appointment a month or so after calling), took the day off from work and met with a Detective. He went over my paperwork and then fingerprinted me and i was out the door less than an hour later. That was on May 28 and it is now September 2 and i have not heard a thing. By the way, i applied for target/hunting only as i was told it is nearly impossible to receive a full carry in this liberal county.

    Also, in the great county of Westchester, you must have a serial number from a handgun to put on your paperwork. This meant that i had to put money down ona gun that i wouldnt see for months to come. It is my understanding that in most counties, you hand in your application, then you receive your license (if all goes well) and then you purchase a handgun, which makes much more sense to me.

    On a side note, my fiance is from Vermont and we spend alot of time up there. I was there this weekend and went into several gun shops with my soon to be father-in-law. I was able to handle a number of handguns, no questions asked. My father-in-law, as a Vermont resident, could have purchased a handgun and walked out with it after a background check. We then went back to the house, where we set up some targets in the backyardand fired away with a 40 cal. for a half hour or so without worrying about neighbors or the police.

    Sorry that my first post was such a long one, just wanted to share what i am going through and vent a bit.

    Stay safe![/QUOTE]

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    In Soviet New York, gun must apply for you.

    Seriously though, it disgusts me that part of the cradle of America itself has turned into a draconian, Socialist Republic style nanny state.

    I'll pray for your license.
    Guard with jealous attention the public liberty.
    Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.
    Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force.
    Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.
    -Patrick Henry, Virginia Ratification Convention, June 5, 1788

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeSchaine View Post
    In Soviet New York, gun must apply for you.

    Seriously though, it disgusts me that part of the cradle of America itself has turned into a draconian, Socialist Republic style nanny state.

    I'll pray for your license.
    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.

    Seeing as this is in here, how come there are a plethora of other laws? It would seem this is the answer to them all including the (un)Safe Act.
    "Which part of shall not be infringed is so difficult to understand"?

    "Any and all restrictions on the bearing of arms in public places are nullified as per the Second Amendment"

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    Slightly confused. Is this a license just to own a gun, or a license to carry a gun you already own?

    Of course, if you fled the Peoples Republic of New York (as thousands have already done) and crossed the frontier to Free America you wouldn't have such problems.

    Here in Pennsylvania if you want to purchase a handgun, you go to your local gun dealer, plop down your cash, have him do an instant check with the state police, and walk out the door with your purchase. Oh, you want a license to carry it anywhere in the state? Visit the county sheriff's office, plop down twenty bucks, fill out a one-page application, and you can have your license to carry concealed in as little as fifteen minutes (the maximum allowable by law is 45 days). You don't need a license to open carry, but you do need on to carry the handgun in your car. Approximately one in ten adult Pennsylvanians have such a license according to the latest statistics from the state police.

    Oh, no fingerprints, interviews, blood samples, psych tests, or sworn testimonials from eighteen priests.

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    And in ky you buy a gun locally with no check and carry openly without any issues.
    All free other than the purchase of the gun.

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