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Thread: Knitting factory in Spokane

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    Knitting factory in Spokane

    I'm sure open carry wouldn't be allowed but has anyone been there recently? Do they wand or have metal detectors?

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    What is this Knitting Factory to have guards at the entrances wanding customers and metal detectors?
    Is it a super secret CIA front business? Do they knit the socks of DEA and FBI agents. Perhaps they supply the knitted undies for our super agents working in Siberia.

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    The Knitting Factory is a Concert Venue/Club located in Spokane. Concerning Patdowns/Metal Detectors/Wands, it would likely vary from event to event what the security procedures are.

    According to their website all concerts are all ages (unless specified on tickets) & the primary eating establishment is a bar (So 21+ only).

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