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Thread: VCDL Endorsements and Candidate Surveys

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    VCDL Endorsements and Candidate Surveys

    The VCDL PAC endorsements seem much more even handed than its prior election endorsements. They seem to be based primarily upon the candidate surveys. Still we have to wonder why the only Very Pro Gun rated candidate in the Senate that was not endorsed was the Libertarian.

    The most striking part of the survey result is how few candidates actually answered the VCDL survey.

    Here is a link to the Survey results:

    Here are the VCDL Senate Endorsements:

    District 01 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican candidate MARK MATNEY!
    District 11 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican candidate AMANDA CHASE!
    District 13 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Senator DICK BLACK!
    District 15 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Senator FRANK RUFF!
    District 17 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Senator BRYCE REEVES!
    District 19 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Independent candidate STEVEN NELSON!
    District 20 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Senator BILL STANLEY!
    District 24 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Senator EMMETT HANGAR!
    District 26 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Senator MARK OBENSHAIN!
    District 33 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican candidate STEPHEN HOLLINGSHEAD!
    District 37 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican candidate DAVID BERGMAN!
    District 38 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Senator BEN CHAFIN!
    District 40 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Senator BILL CARRICO!

    Here are the VCDL House of Delegates endorsements:

    District 06 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Delegate JEFF CAMPBELL!
    District 09 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Delegate CHARLES POINDEXTER!
    District 13 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Delegate BOB MARSHALL!
    District 20 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Libertarian candidate WILL HAMMER!
    District 24 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Delegate BEN CLINE!
    District 26 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Delegate TONY WILT!
    District 29 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican candidate CHRIS COLLINS!
    District 30 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican candidate NICK FREITAS!
    District 33 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Libertarian candidate MARK ANDERSON!
    District 43 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican candidate ANNA URMAN!
    District 46 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Independent candidate ANDREW BAKKER!
    District 65 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Delegate LEE WARE!
    District 87 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Libertarian candidate BRIAN SUOJANEN!
    District 88 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Republican Delegate MARK COLE!
    District 97 VCDL-PAC ENDORSES Independent candidate NATHAN COX!

    For the Virginia Senate 13 of 40 District Endorsements:

    Democrat = 0

    Republican = 12

    Libertarian = 0

    Independent = 1

    Independent Green = 0

    Of particular note, the only State Senate Candidate with a Very Pro Gun evaluation from VCDL that was not endorsed was the Libertarian, Richard Loser.

    In the House of Delegates 15 of 100 District endorsements

    Democrat = 0

    Republican = 10

    Libertarian = 4

    Independent = 1

    Independent Green = 0

    Of note: Andrew Bakker was endorsed as an Independent, but is running as a Libertarian.

    Two of the endorsed Republican candidates Poindexter District 9 and Wilti District 26 were rated Pro Gun, not Very Pro Gun.

    Two Republican candidates rated Very Pro Gun were not endorsed, Morefield District 3 and Ingram District 62.

    One Republican candidate, Pogge District 96 was rated pro gun but not endorsed.

    Senate Endorsement % of Party Candidates

    Democrat = 0% (0 of 29 endorsed)

    Republican = 40% (12 of 30 endorsed)

    Libertarian = 0% (0 of 1 endorsed)

    Independent = 25% (1 of 4 endorsed, can't believe VCDL didn't endorse Joe Morrissey)
    Independent Green = 0% (0 of 2 endorsed)

    House of Delegate Endorsement % of Party Candidates

    Democrat = 0% (0 of 54 endorsed)

    Republican = 14% (10 of 72 endorsed)

    Libertarian = 100% (4 of 4 endorsed)

    Independent = 10% (1 of 10 endorsed)

    Independent Green = 0% (0 of 3 endorsed)

    % of Senate endorsements:

    Democrat = 0% (0 of 13 endorsements)

    Republican = 92% (12 of13 endorsements)

    Libertarian = 0% (0 of 13 endorsements)

    Independent = 8% (1 of 13 endorsements)

    Independent Green = 0% (0 of 13 endorsements)

    % of House of Delegates endorsements

    Democrat = 0% (0 of 15 endorsements)

    Republican = 67% (10 of15 endorsements)

    Libertarian = 27% (4 of 15 endorsements)

    Independent = 7% (1 of 15 endorsements)

    Independent Green = 0% (0 of 15 endorsements)
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    I've been watching the process too, Thundar.
    Looks like VCDL in general is coming out of their slump....which is great considering we need them this year.

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