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Thread: No More Guns In San Fransisco

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    No More Guns In San Fransisco

    Last gun store in San Fran closes after new laws take effect.

    Well, it finally happened. The first major city (that I know of, anyways) to run all gun shops out of it in the modern day and age. This is it. This will be a serious litmus test for the Antis. We need to mark this day, ladies and gents. We need to look at their crime stats every year on this this date so we can literally cram it down their throats that banning guns does not work.

    Yes, we can already look at the stats from places like London or Sydney or cities in any other rabid gun hating country, but this is the US. We are a different people. Yes, we've seen the numbers from Chicago, DC, NYC and other places with draconian gun laws, and they're abysmal to say the least. But this is a modern day, national-mass-shooting-paranoia test case. Now we will have out there the truth for all to see when this entire plan backfires.
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    Double standard

    What is really troubling is the gross double standard of those who are in political power in SanFran, and their ilk across the nation.

    Were this a small, conservative town running an adult toy/magazine/video shop out of business the ACLU and other usual gaggle would be all up in arms (no pun intended). Ditto if this were a smoke shop.

    But when it is a lawful, responsible business selling the very items enumerated in and protected by the second amendment, they are allowed to run them out of the city.

    A liberal is really asking, "What do they have to hide?" because they object to turning over videos of every customer transaction??!?!!?

    My response to the gun hater's hypocritical question is, "Exactly the same thing you are hiding, Mr. Democrat, from the Patriot Act and NSA snooping on your cell phone without warrants: Your lawful but private business that isn't the concern of the government."

    I wonder how many guns used in crimes have ever been traced back to this store. My guess is that it is a whole, rational number, less than 1.

    If Cali were a separate nation I'd say let them enjoy the fruits of their idiotic policies. But since they are part of the union, I expect them to respect my 2nd amendment rights just as they expect me to respect the various invented "rights" found in the penumbra of the 4th and 14th amendments.


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    Seems they are taking a page from the anti-abortion crowd. If you can't prohibit a legal activity, make access to that service difficult. In SF, if you have to have a gun, now you have to drive across the bridge.

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    "What are they trying to hide?" The IDs of cops who shop there.

    The owner needed to google the term "nimble."
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