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Thread: San Fransisco's last gun shop closes

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    San Fransisco's last gun shop closes

    San Fransisco's last gun shop closes

    After being in business since the 1950's , High Bridge Arms has thrown in the towel after the city of San Fransisco enacted new regulations that require video tape of all transactions and turn it over to police on a weekly basis. Basically this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    The shop feels that the city is specifically targeting them. Already they been ordered to have video cameras on the exterior, barriers outside around the shop and cannot display ads in their store window.

    It's a shame how San Fransisco intimidated High Bridge Arms into going out of business and it can happen elsewhere as well. We have read about the proposal in Seattle to tax ammo and guns. We need to challenge these ordinances and proposals, maybe the next shop that closes might be the one in your own town.

    "Surrender: San Fran's iconic, last gun shop to close over new regulations"

    "This time, it's the idea of filming our customers taking delivery of items after they already completed waiting periods," Alcairo said. "We feel this is a tactic designed to discourage customers from coming to us."..."This year, it's this and next year will probably be something else," Alcairo added. "We don't want to wait for it."
    I am not a lawyer, I study the history of gun control laws.

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    Gives the word "onerous" an up to date definition, doesn't it?

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