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Thread: NJ Giant Priest threatens 8 y/o Cowboy w LGOC

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    NJ Giant Priest threatens 8 y/o Cowboy w LGOC

    Ma'am - I need to take little Billie into the Rectory room for a few minutes.....

    Don't know why the Chronicle reported it - maybe Raran is a Texans fan :-(

    Also - town in NJ probably had its real name changed for PCness.

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    It was a "civil war style musket" - BP + percussion cap. Not a "firearm" per the feds but probably a weapon of Mass destruction according to NJ.

    As for little Billy rooting for Dallas - the boy deserved it. (Of course, the Giants aint no great shakes, either.)

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    True definition of an assault weapon. A functioning weapon used in an assault.

    Cowboys and Giants, though? Meh. Neither stand a chance to the Seahawks this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HPmatt View Post
    NJ Giant Priest threatens 8 y/o Cowboy w LGOC
    Though I might take issue with the "OC" aspect, your thread title is in the running for Thread Title of the Year™.

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