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Thread: The "Un-Welcome" mat is out for Obama

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    The "Un-Welcome" mat is out for Obama

    Whatever else that newspaper publisher in Roseburg may be, he has some backbone.

    Will Roseburg put out un-welcome mat for Obama?

    When Barack Obama travels to the Northwest this Friday for a long-planned fundraiser for Democrat Washington Senator Patty Murray, he is reportedly planning a detour to Roseburg, Oregon to visit families of last week’s shooting victims, but the publisher of a local newspaper last night said the president may not be welcome.
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    This is already being discussed - see below.

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    Oregononians you are the best. Keep it up!

    yes pictures to prove Oregonians are pro 2A

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    Thats just a beautiful thing. I'm surprised the SS didn't demand they be removed from those areas for "security reasons."
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