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Thread: WDBJ Killing survivor Vicki Gardner writes an Op-Ed on Umpqua shooting

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    WDBJ Killing survivor Vicki Gardner writes an Op-Ed on Umpqua shooting

    Includes: "So what can we do? The answers may lie not in far off legislative halls but much closer to home. Perhaps it is parents monitoring more closely what their children consume in the terms of media. And, as adults, maybe itís refusal to give into our baser desires of enjoying for entertainment what we abhor in our culture. On a community level, letís begin by "loving our neighbor as ourselves.Ē We can draw closer, get to know our neighbors, work together and hold each other accountable."
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    Violence on TV and in video games are to blame.


    But at least she understands that the answer is not in more laws making it even more illegaler than it already is to shoot and/or kill folks.

    I have my panoply of root causes and solutions but am withholding them until TPTB come to their senses and realize that once again I am less wrong than they are.

    stay safe.
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