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Thread: Amicus brief on history of RKABA at DDC, Kopel, Cramer, et al. H/T Volokh Conspiracy

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    Amicus brief on history of RKABA at DDC, Kopel, Cramer, et al. H/T Volokh Conspiracy

    In an amicus brief filed this week, several legal historians, including me, dispute the D.C. and Bloomberg claims. Besides me, the amici are Joyce Malcolm (George Mason Law; the leading historian on the history of English gun control and gun rights), Robert Cottrol (co-appointment at George Washington in Law and in History; a specialist in the history of race, including the racial aspects of gun laws), Clayton Cramer (author of three books and many articles on the history of firearms law in Early America and the 19th century) and Nicholas Johnson (Fordham Law; most recent book is African Americanes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms). Our attorneys were Stephen Halbrook and Dan Peterson. Halbrook has a 5-0 record in the U.S. Supreme Court, all on firearms law cases, and is himself a leading scholar on the legal history of the right to arms. 6.6 MB 43 pages
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    Read the brief. Excellent research and counterpoints to the DC filing.

    Only concern I have afterward is what is to stop DC from claiming that in today's society the mere presence of a visible firearm DOES in fact create terror in the sheeple? Of course, should they do so, they would be forced to require LE to no longer carry openly as it would "create terror".

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