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Thread: New shooting threat sends Australian university campus on high alert

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    New shooting threat sends Australian university campus on high alert

    The University of New South Wales (NSW) in Sydney warned that police are responding to a shooting threat published on the popular 4chan image board. The warning is similar to the one posted before the recent mass shooting in the state of Oregon in the US.

    “We are treating this incident seriously and have been liaising with the NSW Police through the anti-terrorism and security group and Local Area Command,” said a university statement posted on Facebook.

    Australia had already been on heightened alert, as just over a week ago police employee and IT worker Curtis Cheng was shot to death by a lone gunman, identified as 15-year-old Farhad Jabar at NSW Parramatta police headquarters. The gunman had reportedly been radicalized by Islamic extremists over the last few months.

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