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Thread: Very OC friendly resturant - Kelso, TN

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    Very OC friendly resturant - Kelso, TN

    Uncle J's Seafood and More in Kelso, TN. Right on Hwy 64, about 10-15 miles east of Fayetteville, TN, about 45 minutes northeast of Huntsville, AL.

    Went there with the wife this evening, first time I cc'd in like forever (we were supposed to go with a couple friends but they backed out). We were there maybe 10 minutes when I noticed one of the waitresses had a Sig-like auto on her right hip (took a pic, I'll post it later), then noticed our waitress also carried a semi-auto. None of the other staff carried as far as I could tell. As usual, no one appeared to notice nor care.

    Very good service. One of the few places where my iced tea glass never got close to being empty.

    Food wasn't too bad either. We shared the crawdad etoufee as an appetizer, wife had the garlic butter fried shrimp and I had the fried shrimp platter. Basic, but good, food.

    Even though it's a 40 minute drive from our place, we'll be going back!

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    Good deal!
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