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Thread: - Will Governor McAuliffe’s orders create victim disarmament zones?

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    8,709 - Will Governor McAuliffe’s orders create victim disarmament zones?


    Early on the morning of 15 October, 2015, Bristol Virginia resident John Pierce was eating breakfast and reading an article about the state of Maine’s first day as a “Constitutional carry state,” that is, a state where citizens need no permit to conceal or open carry handguns. And then Pierce, co-founder of “nearly choked” when he came upon Virginia Governor McAuliffe’s announcement to unilaterally banning gun carry “in all state offices,” such as Department of Motor Vehicle buildings and Virginia Employment Centers.

    The Governor’s decrees shocked many in the Old Dominion who for years enjoyed living in a state where Governors, Attorneys General, and legislators from both parties had graduallt worked to improve gun rights for citizens of Virginia and its visitors. Interestingly, neither federal Senator Warner (D-Va.) nor former federal Senator Jim Webb (D-Va.) attended Governor McAuliffe’s announcement of these executive orders.

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    Providing a link to your complete article, Mike.
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