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Thread: Utah teachers treated to carry permit class

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    Utah teachers treated to carry permit class

    While concealed carry is a bit OT here, events such as this provide powerful and positive outreach to the community. They might also have some small effect at reducing the odds of someone attempting a mass shooting at a school, or of there being an armed teacher able to respond quickly.

    This KSL article reports on Clark Aposhian and USSC provided free carry permit classes for Utah teachers the same week that the Utah teachers' union holds its annual convention. Clark and some other Utah instructors have been conducting similar free classes for teachers and legislators for many years now and do a great job with them. These classes allow some who might not naturally be inclined toward RKBA to receive accurate information about Utah's (and federal) gun laws and about proper gun usage.

    The comments on the article are largely pro-RKBA. But those that are hostile are quite a hoot. I especially like the teacher quoted in the article as being worried about whether fellow teachers are able to learn to use a gun safely. I can just imagine the outrage from teachers if anyone else, in any other setting were to question the intelligence, ability, mental or emotional stability, or general character of teachers.

    A decent read about a great event.


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    And folks blindly accept that cops are good with guns.
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