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Thread: LAC CCW kills Appleton pitbull. Unarmed victim interferes in dog fight.

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    LAC CCW kills Appleton pitbull. Unarmed victim interferes in dog fight.

    "Freeman said the dogs began to attack one another after escaping under a fence. The owner of one of the dogs tried to restrain his dog and pull it free, but the woman's dog grabbed the man's arm and began to attack him. A neighborhood resident and concealed carry permit holder heard cries for help and approached the owners. He offered to help, and both owners agreed.

    The resident fired two warning shots into the ground, but the woman's dog continued to attack. The woman who owned the attacking dog then gave permission for the resident to shoot her dog because he was attacking her neighbor. The dog, which had a hold of the man when it was shot, died.
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    A cop would've shot both dawgs just to be safe. No talking, no warning shots, mag dump...
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