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Thread: Police "forced" to sell guns to public

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    Police "forced" to sell guns to public

    Seems the national media is on a roll these days with anti-RKBA stories. The latest I've seen is credited to CNNMoney, and carried on Utah's KSL.

    The report at this link entails the usual handwringing about how several States have passed laws requiring police departments to sell seized firearms (or return to rightful owners) rather than destroying them.

    KSL has included a poll at the bottom of the article that asks whether selling seized guns is a good idea or not. Current results are about 88-12% in favor of selling rather than destroying guns, with about 1000 responses so far.

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    this mornings' CNN commentary from four chiefs against the concept:

    CNN's article with map of who is not selling firearms as well as original fotos...

    while NC is on the give back side, it is not forthright adventure.

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