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Thread: 1050 10/22 Tennessee University shooting. One dead, three wounded.

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    1050 10/22 Tennessee University shooting. One dead, three wounded.

    At least one person died and three women were wounded in a shooting late Thursday on the campus of Tennessee State University, police said.

    Metro Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron said early Friday the 19-year-old man who died in the shooting was not enrolled at the school. It wasn’t clear whether the shooter, who fled the scene, was a student, though WZTV reported police don’t believe the alleged shooter was enrolled at the school.

    Aaron said the shooting occurred in a courtyard around 10:50 p.m. Witnesses said an argument broke out over a dice game that initially led to a fistfight when “suddenly shots broke out,” he said.

    The incident comes just over a week after three people were wounded by gunfire at an off-campus party across the street from the college.
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    Must have been practicing for their applied statistics class with townies.
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    Students these days are going nuts.

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    nawllll they hate cheats w/loaded dice...

    im sorry this is a premeditated, i'm a hater of something, worth of this forum, kinda murder...

    if so please give equal time to the windy city 'sas well baltimore's murders...

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