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Thread: Ammo for sale good cause

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    Ammo for sale good cause

    A friend of mine suddenly died he was a gun guy to say the least.

    Grapeshot gave his permission to post this.

    The family asked me to help pay for the funeral cost by selling is ammo supply.

    I have a large amount of ammo for sale 10s of thousands of rounds, 50 bmg to pistol ammo.

    44mag 40s@W 9mmL 357mag.

    pick up in northern Wis Hayward area.

    PM me with your wants

    I well deal in 10 box lots of pistol ammo 1000 round lots of rifle ammo

    only rifle I have left is 7.62x39 mostly wolf fmj and jhps

    Have a large amount of 50bmg surplus and remanufactured fmj tracer and other bullet types
    if you want a good deal on 50 bmg stuff we can talk 1900 rounds he must have been thinking of reloading for it found lots of powder and some primers some bullets. But no 50 bmg reloading equipment.

    Would like to sell all the 50bmg as one lot.

    PM me with your wants and we well see if I have what you need

    Thanks Grape
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    Sorry for loss of your friend.

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    Strictly due to a technical reason as to authorized to post a For Sale ad, this thread is being locked.

    I appreciate the worthiness of this, but please make any contact separate and apart from OCDO.
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