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Thread: Tandy Leather, Fairfield Oh (just outside Cincinnati)

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    Tandy Leather, Fairfield Oh (just outside Cincinnati)

    Recently I've come to enjoy leather-working and making a few holsters and things for myself. Yesterday when I went to the Tandy store in Fairfield, I saw the store is now a CPZ. I disarmed and went in to discuss it with the manager. He said that he had to post the store because of a single "problem customer." I tried to explain that there were better options for him but he insisted on keeping the sign up.

    So, my question to you all is this: Where in the Cincinnati area can i get good leather to work with? I don't mind buying tools online (from someone besides Tandy now), but for a piece of material, I'd prefer to see it before I shell out the big $$ for a bit of leather.

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    I wonder what the "problem customer" did that upset the manager? (Note I am no way taking sides, it's just a dang question, which sometimes leads to answers, and when the stars all align, I learn something.)

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