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Thread: After robery, Indiana restaurant offers 25% discount to armed diners

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    After robery, Indiana restaurant offers 25% discount to armed diners


    Indianapolis An Indianapolis restaurant owner is offering a 25 percent discount to concealed-carry permit holders after his business was robbed.

    Restaurateur Art Bouvier announced the discount Saturday night on Facebook shortly after the robbery at his Cajun restaurant Papa Roux. It's unclear how much money was taken, but no one was injured.

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    No matter what, it's the lamestream media's job to blacken any decision that makes it look like carrying a gun is a good idea.
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    Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.
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    I would refuse the discount, but frequent his business.

    I do not want or need to be rewarded when someone else defends our RKBA.

    All benefit should revert to him. May he live long and prosper.....and never be robbed again.
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