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Thread: Wisconsin Carry alert: Action needed: Please send 1 email today

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    Wisconsin Carry alert: Action needed: Please send 1 email today

    Nik Clark is asking all pro 2A persons to do write an e mail opposing AB13. Info below.

    Greetings in Freedom,

    Milwaukee Police have a notable pattern of behavior of seizing guns for a multitude of reasons (everything from guns used in self-defense that are seized as evidence, to guns seized in a terry-stop where no arrest is ever made, to lawfully transported guns taken from citizens vehicles after a traffic accident) and then forcing every citizen to go to court to obtain a judgement for return of their own private property that the police have NO lawful right to retain.

    AB13 was a bill introduced to address this problem, but it makes it WORSE. Wisconsin Carry submitted the following testimony to the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety. There is a public hearing TOMORROW regarding AB13 in Madison.

    Please take a moment to email the following members of the Senate committee a link to WCI's testimony

    Committee members:
    CC to:

    Milwaukee Police's practice of seizing law-abiding citizens guns, and making them go to court to have them ordered returned, needs to stop, BUT AB13 will only extend the length of time required to secure their return and sap more of WCI's resources to litigate these cases.

    Please email the committee members above and ask them to REJECT AB13 and contact Wisconsin Carry for our input on how this problem could be addressed legislatively.

    Carry on,

    Nik Clark
    Chairman/President - Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

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    Was anyone able to attend this?
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