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Thread: Man with a rifle near school (Clasop County, Oregon)

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    Man with a rifle near school (Clasop County, Oregon)

    LINK to posting on Clatsop County Sheriff's Office Facebook page

    Not much in the way of details, and from Scott Wintermute's apology reply post it sounds like he consented to the encounter.

    But, he was legally carrying the rifle, in an OC state, not in a city that bans loaded carry, not actually on the school's property.
    Even if he was on school property, no state / city law prohibiting, just Federal 1000' gun free school zone (don't know if he has a CHL for exemption of Fed law).

    "The firearms and Wintermute were run through law enforcement databases and everything was in order."...
    Why? Sounds like an 4th amendment violation / illegal detain and illegal weapon serial number search to me, unless he consented.

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    Given the facts of the incident listed in the FB post and the admission that a unreasonable fear of guns exists these days, yes, there is a 4A violation in my view. Logging road near school, on a deer hunt...

    Unfortunately, consent is irrelevant post Heien.
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