Want some answers as to how much the ILA raised off of specific 594-related solicitations in WA vs the $400k~ that they actually spent? This is your chance to demand answers in person without being hung up on or avoided without everyone there also seeing them dodge the truth.

Also, maybe we can get some straight answers about the different phony stories that several members here were fed about the 594 campaign among them:

-local channels supposedly refused to air NRA commercials
-all time slots were supposedly bought out and none were left
-the channels supposedly were attempting to over-charge the NRA
-there supposedly wasn't enough money raised
-people at ILA claiming in August and Sept. of 2014 that they had plenty of time before election day, then come mid-October they stopped talking about it(ignorance about WA being mail by ballot).

Make sure you RSVP to the meeting. Should be quite informative.

It's also a good chance to ask what plans the ILA has for WA and the undoubted flood of initiatives coming our way over the next decade since they decided to take a knee and let 594 through.

More specific to THIS election is the relative ILA silence on I-1401.