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Thread: Johnson County CC Town Hall meeting CC

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    Johnson County CC Town Hall meeting CC


    Wednesday November 11th, 2015 at Johnson County Community College room COM 156 beginning at 12 noon there will be a Town Hall meeting to discuss the upcoming concealed carry on campus that will take effect 7/1/2017

    Guests are welcome to attend and everyone will be able to speak but written questions or comments will be accepted. No need for advance notice you may just show up.

    If you live in the KC area or know someone you can pass this information onto please do. The colleges in Kansas are collectively going to try and put political pressure on the legislature to stop CC from taking effect. They are doing this by having surveys, town hall meetings, and organizing opposition within their student body.

    Please attend and participate in whatever way is appropriate for you. Remember those colleges belong to us the tax payers!

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    Have you done any records requests with the public colleges' presidents to see what chatter is going on behind closed doors?

    emails, text messages, calendars, etc?

    May better prepare you for such meetings.

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    So they are having a meeting on Veteran's Day? Thanks for the heads up, I live in Olathe, so this is important to me.

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    How did it go?
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