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Thread: - Why not replace the ATF with Trump's D-Force?

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    8,722 - Why not replace the ATF with Trump's D-Force?

    Yes, why not replace the ATF with Donald Trump's deportation force, or D-Force?

    Ever since the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) held that the Second Amendment provides the constitutional right "to keep and carry weapons in case of confrontation," the policy basis for continuing the ATF and it's massive regulatory structure and reach into American life has been suspect, while ATF's activities are often a waste of taxpayer dollars.

    But every political party and policy group, left, right, and center, concedes that Congress has the right to regulate immigration.

    Taking down the ATF to build the D-Force should be considered.

    -Mike Stollenwerk, co-founder,
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    Anything coming out of Trumps head is suspect.

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