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Thread: terrorists used play stations?

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    terrorists used play stations?

    quote...authorities are discovering just how the massacre was planned. And it may involve the most popular gaming console in the world, Sony ’s PlayStation 4.

    Correction:It has not been confirmed, as originally written, that a console was found as a result of specific Belgian terror raids. Minister Jambon was speaking about tactics he knows ISIS to be using generally. unquote

    sigh, so the guessing continues and now on national news

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    There are so many ways to send unbreakable encryption these day it's not even funny.
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    My secure e-mail provider

    Shortly after the Obama administration denigrated citizens use of encryption services, ProtonMail came under DDOS attack of state-sponsored quality. The DDOS attack was weathered and ProtonMail's server architecture upgraded.
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    Its old news that folks use the chat function on games for non-game purposes.

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