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Thread: Why do background check times vary so greatly?

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    Why do background check times vary so greatly?

    Hello All,

    I was curious what your thoughts were on the repealing of the 48 hour waiting period for handguns and if it has really done much for those purchasing firearms. There are a few things that I have found curious about the current law since talking to guns shops and applicants.

    First off, I was told by numerous gun shops that less than 20% of people actually get an instant response when attempting to purchase a handgun. In fact, I have been told that the processing time varies greatly, with one busy Saturday at a Cabelas store only having 2-3 people actually get an instant response. The rest were put on hold pending further review.

    Second, if you purchase a long gun and your check goes through the Feds, you can be put on up to a 5 day hold. However in WI, that rules was repealed with the latest for handgun purchases, and they can make you wait longer than 5 days, with no set limit as to how long you may have to wait.

    I am curious what other's experiences have been, I personally think that changing the law has been more for show than actually getting WI citizens handguns in a more timely manner. Thoughts?


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    I've never had a time when my background check needed more time. I have always gotten a response in less than 30 minutes.
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    The last two new guns I brought a couple of weeks ago the long gun check took about 2 minutes longer then the state hand gun check. The state check was really fast.

    Both were done in less then 10 minutes including dial time.

    The records they check have new data put into them all the time last week their might not have been a Joe Blow wanted for murder this week there is.

    The computer or phone lines might have been having a problem or the operator you called might have had a back log right at that moment.

    The system is not perfect for sure and the total idea should be done away with. The whole idea of back ground checks is to inconvenience gun buyers.

    There is absolutely no need or reason to back ground check some one who all ready owns one or processes one or more guns.

    But gun control isn't about reason if it was we would not have these stupid laws.
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