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Thread: CT cop loses job and pension ... stole from accident victim

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    CT cop loses job and pension ... stole from accident victim

    A Connecticut state police trooper who stole cash and jewelry from a dying motorcycle accident victim and then resigned has lost his state pension.

    19 yr veteran cop .... good riddance to this guy and no pension either.

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    No prosecution?
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    Article says he was sentenced to 1 year in prison - does not say if he 'served'.

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    To Serve, Protect, and Steal

    A number of years ago my wife was rear ended sitting at a traffic light, it was a bad accident requiring her to be transporting to the hospital via ambi. By the time I got to the hosp and visited with her I had collected her belongings and she did an inventory of her purse. Yep you guessed it the cash that was in her purse was missing.

    I filed a number of complaints for record with the county sheriff, ambi service, hosp, and the fire chief for the servicing agencies.

    I got the same result from all of them along the lines of "Our employees are honest upstanding contributors to our community..."

    What a load of Bull,,, ticks me off everytime I read things like this happening to others.

    Robbing the dead/dying/injured is just lower then low.
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