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Thread: 355th mass shooting In Mass Shooting Debate. The Libertarian Republic

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    355th mass shooting In Mass Shooting Debate. The Libertarian Republic

    How The 355 Number Falls Massively Short In Mass Shooting Debate H/T John Wesley Hall for pointing out The Libertarian Republic.
    The Washington Post and several other media outlets made hay after Wednesday’s shooting in San Bernardino by claiming the attack was the 355th mass shooting in the U.S. since the beginning of 2015. The reality is a lot more nuanced.

    Post reporter Christopher Ingraham doesn’t disguise the argument he’s trying to make.

    “Speaking after the Colorado Springs shooting last week, President Obama urged Americans to not let this type of violence ‘become normal,’” Ingraham writes. “But the data show that this type of incident already is normal. There have been more mass shootings than calendar days so far this year.”

    There is much more interesting opinion/discussion at The Libertarian Republic. On opening my news in the morning with my first cup of coffee, I read my three sources of general news first, world-national, local, then Civil Rights news, that starts with and ends at OCDO. Only then on to special interest news and discussion of science and technology.
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    Wish I had the link to cite, sorry about that, but I read somewhere that that 355 number had been investigated and only 20 or so (21 I think) of those incidents even met the FBI's own definition of a mass public shooting. The rest were gang-related, some not even firearm related. There was one example in which a couple of kids thought it would be funny to shoot 4 other kids with pellets (yep, that one made the list!).

    Also, I heard that France has suffered numerically more dead and wounded in the past year alone from 'mass shootings' than all the mass shootings combined in the United States since the start of Obama's presidency.
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    Choose Your Own Mass Shooting Statistics

    Choose Your Own Mass Shooting Statistics
    From Mother Jones to the Mass Shooting Tracker: where activists and reporters get their stats

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