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Thread: Business Owner Goes BALLISTIC as Guy OC's Past His Shop!! (video)

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    Business Owner Goes BALLISTIC as Guy OC's Past His Shop!! (video)

    The real question is what this guy would have done had the police not been there to defend him? As it turns out the business owner wouldn't let this Open Carrier pass so the OC'er called the cops. This video is shot once the police arrived.

    A thin calm respectful 25 year old white guy is trying to walk past a black owned business while on the public sidewalk. The larger athletic black owner comes out and UNLOADS on the guy and the police because the guy is carrying. Apparently this is a regular event for the OC guy. He's well armed.

    This is the perfect example of why we call guns The Great Equalizer. My take is that this black guy can't stand the thought of a frail white guy who can put him on the sidewalk with virtually no effort, and do it LEGALLY if the need presents itself. Apparently he prefers to be a thug and this OC'er has that covered. There are obvious rants about 'white privilege' implied here.

    He tries to make it about race and kudos to the white guy for being non-reactive. In reading the comments it seems that this is in Akron, Ohio and this barber shop is in a predominately white area across from the University of Akron.

    In reading the followup posts, the two of them got together the next day in front of a news crew and the biz owner claimed he was concerned about ISIS.


    This is a Facebook post so I can't do a direct YouTube link.

    Here's a link to the followup interview done by a local news crew.
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    Some people just don't get it that it is not the gun that causes problems. It is the action(s) of the person. The barber doesn't seem to understand this distinction and harms his case greatly by suggesting that they go hands on to resolve and by cursing + generally abusive conduct. The barber would seem to be the one out of control and therefore potentially more dangerous.

    How often (never?) does a BG go for a public walk with his gun(s) very visible when his goal is to create bloodshed? Typically BGs hide their gun(s) until the last moment when their true intention is revealed.

    Maybe people like this barber should fear those people who don't OC, who don't let you know that they are carrying - their agenda is hidden/unknown until.............

    I also think the barber may have broken several laws by physically impeding the progress of the young man on a public sidewalk and by suggesting physical combat. No cite(s) given.

    It is my opinion (called decision) that the race identifiers in the title have no benefit other than as a distraction and tend to be inflammatory. Will be removing such direct reference to race.
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    ... a business owner who told that he feared for his safety ...
    Liar liar pants on fire! Actions, not words.
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    Slater told the sight made him fear for his safety and for the safety of University of Akron students across the street.
    "I told him to take his guns off," Slater said. "I told him let me have five or 10 minutes with him without his weapons."
    Some how this doesn't add-up.....

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    I see a new supreme court justice there !

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