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Thread: Gun sales continue to grow in Wisconsin

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    Gun sales continue to grow in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin's Justice Department said Black Friday set an all-time record for the background checks it performed on prospective buyers.

    There were 1,752 checks on Nov. 27 -- 30 more than the previous one-day record in late 2012, soon after the Sandy Hook school massacre in Connecticut.

    Analysts for the gun industry say they're not surprised, as weapon sales have continually grown since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

    Are you surprised? Open borders and unchecked immigration agenda from the middle east by POTUS.
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    Not surprised, but failed miserably in adding to that total. Need to pick up a VP40, or maybe a VP45!!!!!! Hint hint. Or both! Have .40 stuff but no .45 and don't really want to get into the 1911 platform, tho I like them and have no issues, just not sure I have time to learn all that new stuff. Could do a Sig 220SAO as well. Hey, this is fun!

    Son got a VP9 from old Dad when he got his carry permit. Shot it some, sweet shooting iron. I could live with one of those too.
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    1,752 checks

    The Department brought in a tidy sum of money that day.
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