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Thread: question on county courthouse property

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    question on county courthouse property

    i took my son to glasgow for the parade and to see santa at the county courthouse on the square. there was a sign on the courthouse that said carrying of any weapons is prohibited on this property. is this legal?, sorry i didn't take a pic my wife had the camera and said taking the pic was just silly. she's sorta on the fence when it comes to carry. we live in monroe county and our courthouse also has a sign except it says carrying a concealed weapon inside courthouse is illegal. i thought as i went up to the one in glasgow it would say the same but didn't. the way it was wrote that anyone carrying on the property would be breaking a law. i believe the one here in monroe may be legal since it talks of carry inside, but what about outside in glasgow? oh and by the way i was carrying, it was concealed but i carry all i can. thanks

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    KRS 237.110(16) says "into: ..."

    KRS 237.110(16) Except as provided in KRS 527.020, no license issued pursuant to this section shall
    authorize any person to carry a concealed firearm into:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    KRS 237.110(16) Except as provided in KRS 527.020, no license issued pursuant to this section shall authorize any person to carry a concealed firearm into:
    The "shall authorize" part of this section has always caused me trouble. I'm not sure if this means:
    this CCDW does not give you special to enter these locations and only against the law if specifically listed somewhere else in the KRS or Federal law.
    It is illegal to carry in these locations, openly or concealed.

    Back to the OP. In my opinion, the sign is invalid because they used "property" instead of building. On the grounds outside the building you are OK. Inside can be regulated.

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    It is impossible to know what is meant by the sign without knowing exactly what the wording is and exactly what offices/officials are in the "courthouse". The section of KRS 237.110 that has been referenced only applies to CONCEALED weapons. It sounds as if the signs referenced all weapons whether carried openly or concealed, but it would depend on the exact wording. There have been a few "courthouses" around the state where judges have ordered "No Weapons of any Kind" in the entire courthouse. This would be OK if the Court of Justice occupies the entire building, but would exceed the judges' authority if any county offices were present. Some Judges have trouble recognizing that there are limits on their authority.

    "Prohibited" is not the same thing as "illegal". It is unlikely that you would be charged with a crime, just because you failed to see a sign like this. You could be charged with contempt of court, if you disobeyed a judicial order. I suspect that if you were discovered with a weapon, you would be escorted out of the building, or your weapon confiscated. We have been through this several time in this forum.

    Since you said the "courthouse" was on the "square" and because I don't know of any construction of a new "Judicial Center" in Barren Co., I assume this is a an older County Courthouse. In some counties, these older buildings have become completely occupied by the Court of Justice. What offices are in that building? All of this make a difference and, even then, some judges will exceed their authority.
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