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Thread: Melbourne man kills intruder

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    Melbourne man kills intruder

    Great work - give him a medal.

    An intruder who was killed after entering a home in Melbourne's south was running after the female owner moments before his death, a witness says.

    The man, who was trying to rob the home in Frankston, died after the woman's 42-year-old male neighbour heard screaming and came to her aid, police said on Friday.

    "As a result of that a nearby neighbour who heard the woman scream came running out to her assistance," Detective Sergeant Rob Nazaretian said.

    "There was a confrontation between the neighbour and the male intruder and it appears that male has lost his life."

    Witness Hillary Lennon told the ABC that she heard screams and looked over her fence to see the woman running into the backyard, followed by the intruder and then her neighbour.

    A short time later Ms Lennon said she saw the neighbour ushering the woman back into the house, shielding her eyes so she could not see behind him.

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    quote: ...shielding her eyes so she could not see behind him. unquote.

    got to hand it to the bloke...always gentlemanly even after saving the damsel's life!!

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