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Thread: Three Honest Liberals Pour Cold Water on Fiery Gun Control Debate

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    Three Honest Liberals Pour Cold Water on Fiery Gun Control Debate



    Kudos to both gentlemen for putting accuracy ahead of ideology (just like I applauded the honest liberal who wrote how government programs subsidize dependency).

    Well, we can add another person to our list of honest liberals. Jamelle Bouie, chief political correspondent for Slate, just authored a piece that says it is downright silly to fixate on so-called assault weapons and to try to deny people their 2nd-Amendment rights based on the TSA’s no-fly list.

    “Although well-meaning—supporters genuinely want to keep military-style weapons ‘off the streets’ and guns out of the hands of suspected threats—both measures are wrongheaded.”
    As most of us are well aware, the no-fly list remainds blatantly un-Constitutional in its present form.
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